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Discover a Paradise

Capdepera is the municipality located in one of the easternmost areas of Mallorca and is a town full of culture and tradition. The history of this municipality began in 1300 when King Jaume II founded the village. The king built a fortified village of which many of the well- preserved remains can still be seen, such as the Castle and its walls. This combination of historical monuments, tranquility and culture make Capdepera an interesting tourist destination.

What to see and what to do?

One of its greatest attractions is Capdepera castle, the original fortress of the fourteenth century is well preserved. Its views make the climb to the castle worthwhile. Strolling through the old town and its streets is a pleasure in itself to see the number of stately houses from the fourteenth century, the beauty of the town hall or St. Bartholomew’s church. The Can Piricus manor house is one of the examples of the typical architecture of the island and is where the local library can be found. Also, on Wednesdays in Capdepera you can enjoy the flea market.

Where to stay?

If you are looking for tranquility and an authentic stay, choose Capdepera as your best option from the variety of establishments offered by the municipality.

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